How To Tailor Your Resume For The Digital Age

18 March 2020
How To Tailor Your Resume For The Digital Age

​​Want your resume to look cutting edge? These digital tools can help tune up a resume for a digital format without any special coding or technical skills.

The days of mailing your physical resume to human resources or a recruiter are long gone. Today, almost everything is conducted online. So why continue to adhere to the convention of a boring, text-heavy, single-page resume?  It does makes sense to use the traditional resume format in most formal job interview situations. However, for professions that call for more creativity, you can set yourself apart by breaking free of the format everyone else is using and taking advantage of online tools.  Fortunately, there are digital resume services that can help tune up a resume for a digital format without any special coding or technical skills. Here are some of those tool that will help you dazzle employers with your digital resume.   

Standard Resume 


If you want to be web friendly but don’t want to break too much with tradition, Standard Resume will give you the best of both worlds. Standard Resume converts your LinkedIn profile into an elegant one-page website that looks like the traditional resume. It converts the data on LinkedIn in seconds, and allows you to customize or delete any individual sections. The finished resume is mobile friendly and convenient to send online.  



Flair is the focus of VisualCV. The online tool allows users to add photos or graphics to their resume, select sample templates based on industry type, or outsource their design to a team that will format a CV or resume. Once the resume is finished, VisualCV will generate a URL for the design that can be shared in social media and indexed by search engines.  

Cake Resume


While many other resume builders let users choose a template, Cake Resume takes customization one step further by allowing users to select the individual design components of a resume. Do you want to add a video, a quote or a slide to your resume? Just drag and drop that section into your template. Do you want to add a link to Twitter or GitHub? Add or delete these icons. After you are finished, Cake Resume lets you publish your page to the web and then monitor statistics of how many people are viewing your page.  Remember, whether you are creating your resume in Microsoft Word or VisualCV, there’s always a temptation to add more bells and whistles to your design. But your goal should be to let your qualifications shine through in an easy-to-read format. Keep that in mind when updating your resume for the digital world.  

This article is contributed by Right Management,, the global career experts within the ManpowerGroup.

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